The Secret Millionaire

The Secret Millionaire

Series 9 - Episode 2



Although he’s happy to talk about his disability (his leg was amputated after a motorbike accident) Matthew Newbury’s never wanted to hang out with other disabled people. Now, with some of his £9 million property fortune to dispense among good causes in Moston, Manchester, he’s forced to take part in wheelchair basketball, youth theatre and a terrifying access-for-all aerial assault course. He’s not the world’s most articulate multimillionaire, but he doesn’t need to say much to show how deeply the Secret Millionaire experience has affected him.


Matthew Newbury, a property developer who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident at the age of 15, goes undercover in Manchester to find disability charities to donate some of his £9million fortune to. During his time working with the organisations, Matt swaps his £50,000 bionic limb for a standard-issue NHS model, which causes him pain throughout the week.