Once Upon a Time

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Series 1 - Episode 7 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter



Once upon a time… there was a heartless huntsman, or he was once the evil queen got her hands on him.

Back in the real world, impossibly handsome sheriff Graham isn’t feeling his best. In fact he’s not feeling anything at all until he kisses Emma (who’s a dab hand at protecting her own emotions) and starts having visions of forests, wolves and a dark deed he’s been commanded to undertake. He’s so discombobulated he seeks advice from young Henry. But when Graham dumps Mayor Regina she doesn’t appreciate being rejected by her toyboy, and she has unusual means at her disposal to punish him.

There’s a very Brothers Grimm turn to the tale, and as for happily ever after… Well, we can dream, can’t we?


Emma has been avoiding Sheriff Graham since she found out about his fling with Mayor Regina. However, when he confronts her about this behaviour and ends up kissing her, the curse weakens and his memory comes flooding back. As he recalls his alternative life, the Evil Queen hires his fairy-tale counterpart, the Huntsman, to bring her Snow's heart - and failure is not an option.

Cast & Crew

Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard Ginnifer Goodwin
Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison
Evil Queen/Regina Mills Lana Parrilla
Henry Mills Jared Gilmore
The Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Jamie Dornan
Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold Robert Carlyle
Dr Whale David Anders
King George Alan Dale
Kathryn Nolan/Abigail Anastasia Griffith
Ruth Gabrielle Rose
King Midas Alex Zahara
Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass Giancarlo Esposito
Red Riding Hood/Ruby Meghan Ory
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