The Little Guy

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Little Guy



In episode two of this high-concept drama, the rugged Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) is still pinging back and forth between alternate realities in which either his son or his wife died in a car crash. But despite its hokey central idea there is some depth to the family scenes in which Britten struggles to connect to either his grieving wife or son. The fact he isn’t grieving, because he gets to live with both “dead” relatives, allows the writers to explore ideas about grief.

Meanwhile, at work, his miraculous hunches – based on clues from “alternate reality” cases – draw the attention of his sinister captain (ER’s Laura Innes), which adds intrigue.


Detective Britten tries to maintain his lives in the alternate realities, though he struggles to keep track of the differences between them. He also investigates the killing of a prominent fertility doctor and decides to use a clue he obtained in the other world to identify the murderer. However, his insistence on building the case around a point only he believes is relevant causes suspicion among his colleagues - none of whom are aware of his double life. Back at home, he realises that Rex and Hannah are both having difficulty processing their grief. Psychological drama, starring Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen and Dylan Minnette.