Project Aphrodite

Project Aphrodite



Feature-length episode. A car bomb explodes outside a woman's home before her son suffocates in a sealed lab at the university where he was working on an anti-ageing cream. The detectives learn the family had been targeted by animal rights activists and discover £20,000 was paid into the chemist's account by a pharmaceutical company shortly before his death.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Andy Dalziel Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe Colin Buchanan
DC Kim Spicer Jennifer James
Aiden Scarman Richard O'Callaghan
Frances Cunningham Amelia Bullmore
Layla Jadwin Chipo Chung
Joe Furst Anthony Calf
Adam Bolt Kevin Doyle
Sam Wiseman Jamie Harding
Matthew Hurley Branwell Donaghey
Ben Sharp John Lightbody
Louise Roach Barbara Marten
Liz Reid Angela Clerkin
Grace Beck Tracie Bennett
Aimee Hobbs Michelle Dockery
Jayne Sullivan Vanessa Earl
Dr June Gray Teresa Banham
Shane Coughlan David Hounslow
Kieran Roach Dean Williamson
Declan Roach Jack Ryan
Lost baggage woman Liz Hume-Dawson
Locksmith Colin R Campbell
Tamara Chula Shereen Patrice
Charlotte Price Hester Evans
News reporter Nicola Rees
Meeta Thalani Sarah Patel
Director David Tucker
Series Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Edel Brosnan
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