Dalziel & Pascoe

The Unwanted

Series 7 - Episode 1 The Unwanted



Feature-length episode. As Dalziel takes it easy at a local B&B after a bout of ill-health, Pascoe returns to his home town to attend the wedding of an old friend. However, the ceremony ends abruptly when a man is found beaten to death. Andy joins his colleague to investigate - but the duo become rapidly embroiled in a plot of intrigue and murder that implicates Peter's father. Warren Clarke, Colin Buchanan, John McEnery and Jim Carter star.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Andy Dalziel Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe Colin Buchanan
Sgt Ian Henslowe Ian Peck
Annie Pascoe Susan Jameson
DS Edgar Wield David Royle
DC Carrie Harris Keeley Forsyth
Ted Lowry Jim Carter
Kate Lowry Amanda Ryan
Bill Pascoe John McEnery
Jill Lowry Kate Fleetwood
Megan Lowry Monica Dolan
Kemal Sulejvic Rad Lazar
Jack Henslowe Paul Copley
Mortimer Brian Pettifer
Cpl Martin Wilkie Jason Pitt
Viv Kelly Beverley Hills
Dr Paul Ashurst James Puddephatt
Naida Sulejvic Natasha Milkovich
Consultant Penelope Freeman
Geoff Turlough Andrew Readman
Immigration officer Nicholas Lane
Bosnian Interpreter Ivana Basic
Emina Sulejvic Millie Wilkie
Vicar Geoffrey Beevers
Lt Col James Hartley James Vaughan
Firechief Craig Shepherd
Sharon Wilkie Alison Darling
Director Patrick Lau
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Manjit Singh
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