The Moving Finger

The Moving Finger



Feature-length episode. A man arrives in an East Anglian village with his sister Joanna to convalesce following a flying accident - but the residents' warm welcome isn't all it seems. Joan Hickson stars as the elderly sleuth, with Andrew Bicknell and Sabrina Franklyn.

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Joan Hickson
Jerry Burton Andrew Bicknell
Joanna Burton Sabina Franklyn
Reverend Guy Calthrop John Arnatt
Maud Calthrop Dilys Hamlett
Emily Burton Hilary Mason
Partridge Penelope Lee
Beatrice Juliet Waley
Mr Pye Richard Pearson
Mrs Cleat Patsy Smart
Mr Cleat Gordon Rollings
Miss Ginch Ninka Scott
Edward Symmington Michael Culver
Angela Symmington Elizabeth Counsell
Megan Symmington Deborah Appleby
James Symmington Stuart Mansfield
Owen Griffith Martin Fisk
Eryl Griffith Sandra Payne
Elsie Holland Imogen Bickford-Smith
George Michael Waterman
Supt Nash Geoffrey Davison
Abridged By Julia Jones
Director Roy Boulting
Producer Guy Slater
Writer Agatha Christie
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