Can I Have a Mother?

Series 2 - Episode 6 Can I Have a Mother?



Frank's mother is granted leave from prison for medical reasons and seeks her son's help in tracking down an old friend who owes her money. Fiona and Adam go on a double-date with recently returned Steve and his new Brazilian wife, while the beneficiary of Eddie Jackson's will is finally revealed. Guest starring Lousie Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).

Cast & Crew

Frank Gallagher William H Macy
Fiona Gallagher Emmy Rossum
Steve Justin Chatwin
Carl Gallagher Ethan Cutkosky
Veronica Fisher Shanola Hampton
Kevin Ball Steve Howey
Debbie Gallagher Emma Kenney
Ian Gallagher Cameron Monaghan
Lip Gallagher Jeremy Allen White
Karen Jackson Laura Slade Wiggins
Sheila Jackson Joan Cusack
Adam James Wolk
Ethel Madison Davenport
Jody Silverman Zach McGowan
Tony Markovich Tyler Jacob Moore
Peg Gallagher Louise Fletcher
Director John Dahl
Writer William H Macy
Writer Steven Schachter
Writer Steven Schaffer
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