Lady Lazarus

Series 5 - Episode 8 Lady Lazarus



There’s a general feeling that Mad Men is quietly dying in a corner, tucked away on Sky Atlantic where it attracts tiny audiences. Certainly very peculiar episodes like this one won’t do anything to broaden its appeal. We start with weaselly Pete Campbell, who gets introspective and randy at exactly the same time, which is bad news for the wife of that awful insurance salesman. The wife (played by Alexis Bledel, Rory from The Gilmore Girls) is the object of Pete’s affections, which, we know of old, is not a good thing to be.

Meanwhile Don is still acting strangely. He keeps smiling as if he means it, and continues to indulge his wife, Megan. Why does he look down an empty lift shaft? I think it’s a metaphor. For what? Who knows?


After suffering setbacks at home and at work, Peggy Olson faces a new hindrance when she is forced to keep a secret. Pete Campbell tries to do a favour for one of his friends, while Don Draper is taken aback by a piece of unexpected news. Drama following the tangled personal and professional lives of employees at a New York advertising agency during the 1960s, starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and Vincent Kartheiser.

Cast & Crew

Don Draper Jon Hamm
Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss
Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser
Roger Sterling John Slattery
Joan Harris Christina Hendricks
Lane Pryce Jared Harris
Ken Cosgrove Aaron Staton
Harry Crane Rich Sommer
Bertram Cooper Robert Morse
Sally Draper Kiernan Shipka
Henry Francis Christopher Stanley
Betty Francis January Jones
Stan Rizzo Jay R Ferguson
Megan Draper Jessica Pare
Michael Ginsberg Ben Feldman
Dawn Chambers Teyonah Parris
Trudy Campbell Alison Brie
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