The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

In the Blink of an Eye

Series 5 - Episode 4 In the Blink of an Eye



Feature-length episode. The detective investigates when former war photographer Peter Rooker is found shot dead. It is not long before he uncovers a trail leading from tabloid newspaper baron Eddie Price and editor Melissa Booth to an executed Bosnian family, but when he enlists his wife's help in determining the psychological history behind the murder, a fatal chain of events begins.

Cast & Crew

Inspector Thomas Lynley Nathaniel Parker
Sergeant Barbara Havers Sharon Small
Eddie Price Danny Webb
Helen Lynley Catherine Russell
Melissa Booth Indira Varma
Michael Wren Mark Womack
Lafferty Paul Hickey
DC Winston Nkata Shaun Parkes
Nina Delic Ania Sowinski
Andrej Pavletic Serge Soric
Sarah Pavletic Amy Bayless
Peter Rooker Richard Copestake
Luke Barnes Elliott Jordan
Clare Simmons Phoebe Thomas
Young Nina Celine Mitchell
Brendan McGuire Glen Davies
Medic Nicholas Hewetson
David Gary Mackay
Mahir Adam J Brown
Policewoman Virginia Thompson
Lawyer Nick Sampson
Nurse Charlotte Allam
Director Brian Kelly
Producer Sharon Hughff
Writer Ed Whitmore
Writer Suzie Smith
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