Seuls contre tous

Series 2 - Episode 2 Seuls contre tous



In a bleak but cinematic instalment, the terminally rumpled Caplan is sprung from jail with outside help from Marceau of the Organised Crime Squad. His violent escape places yet more strain on any attachment we might have had for the disgraced ex-cop. As does his siding with a psycho – the unhinged Gaetan Merks. Yet there are still twists, betrayals and authentic touches.

The episode is like one of those football matches in which a normally flamboyant team plays ugly to grind out a result.


Marceau offers the entire team amnesty if Eddy agrees to join fellow inmate Merks in a bid for freedom. Once outside, the disgraced cop is instructed to go undercover among his new friend's criminal associates. Meanwhile, Theo wages war against Serge Lemoine, the man responsible for his unit's undoing. French crime drama, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade.