Long Way Home

Series 3 - Episode 17 Long Way Home



Creepy Colin Sweeney is back, and he wants to regain control of his company. What should be a straightforward, if dull court hearing, suddenly takes on a whole new aspect when a comely ex-porn star (played by Homeland’s Morena Baccarin) claims Sweeney sexually harrassed her and she intends to sue. It’s a busy episode; there are strong suggestions that suave state’s attorney Peter Florrick is a racist, and his ex-wife Alicia is threatened with eviction.


The firm assists a client trying to regain his position as CEO of a company after being released from prison, but faces unexpected allegations of sexual harassment from a former worker. Caitlin decides to give up her career and start a family, while Cary confronts an awkward situation when he investigates employee fraternisation on Peter's behalf.