Playhouse Presents

Playhouse Presents: King of the Teds

Series 1 - Episode 4 Playhouse Presents: King of the Teds



Tom Jones’s first acting role must have required imagination – or perhaps not. In this delectable little drama, also starring Alison Steadman and Brenda Blethyn, he plays wizened Welsh crooner Ron, who spends his days getting on the nerves of his long-suffering wife Tina (Steadman), his rock ’n’ roll dreams as dusty as their dismal little house. Enter Nina (Blethyn), whom neither has seen for 40 years, since Ron ruled the dance floor, a girl on each arm. As always, Blethyn and Steadman are a treat to watch, and Jones is broodingly credible.


Married couple Ron and Tina endure troubled times in their relationship after Ron loses his factory job, leaving him short of money and patience. However, they receive some respite when Nina, a friend from their younger days, finds them on the internet and decides to visit. The trio are soon fondly reminiscing about their teenage years and shared love of rock `n' roll music - but one of them is hiding an upsetting secret that could drive them apart again. Jim Cartwright's drama, starring Tom Jones, Brenda Blethyn and Alison Steadman.