The Callback

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Callback



Ever seen a theatre show and been bowled over by act one, then sat through a buttock-numbing, nothing-further-to-say act two? Well, that’s the gut feeling here after the knockout pilot.

Ivy and Karen are both waiting for a callback from the Marilyn musical producers – cue a cool fantasy rendition of Blondie’s Call Me. That’s at the start, and a later number, Let Me Be Your Star, is energetically choreographed. But in between we endure tedium upon cliché: Anjelica Huston’s divorce, Debra Messing’s child adoption, Jack Davenport bedding a starlet... Their characters need home lives to flesh out a series but this is thin stuff. Note to the writers – we’ll let you know!


The producers cannot decide whether to cast Karen or Ivy in the lead role, and invite both actresses for one more audition - hoping a test of their dancing skills will determine who gets the part. Frank grows frustrated when he and Julia suffer another setback in their adoption bid, while Eileen's estranged husband Jerry claims that her new project will never make it to the stage without his support. Drama about the struggle to create a Broadway hit, starring Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty.

Cast & Crew

Karen Cartwright Katharine McPhee
Ivy Lynn Megan Hilty
Julia Houston Debra Messing
Frank Houston Brian d'Arcy James
Derek Wills Jack Davenport
Eileen Rand Anjelica Huston
Tom Levitt Christian Borle
Ellis Boyd Jaime Cepero
Leo Houston Emory Cohen
Dev Sundaram Raza Jaffrey
Jerry Rand Michael Cristofer
Dennis Phillip Spaeth
Director Michael Mayer
Writer Theresa Rebeck
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