The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation


Series 1 - Episode 7 France



Baguette (“It’s not just white bread in a stick!”), tarte tatin, praline tart and sausage-stuffed brioche are among the mysteries unravelled by Si and Dave as they travel from Lyon to Carcassonne. Beyond the capers (the midriff-skimming gladiators’ outfits are particularly painful to witness) there are some fascinating glimpses of the pair’s lives before food telly. There are snapshots of a 22-year-old Dave, looking youthful and sweet before the beard had set in in earnest. And watching nougat being sawn into planks in an artisan workshop, the present-day Dave is transported back to the steelworks.


The penultimate leg of Si King and Dave Myers' European baking tour takes them to France. Travelling from Lyon to Carcassonne, they learn the secrets of teeth-pulling nougat, go truffle hunting and meet up with Dave's old flatmate, whom he has not seen for 30 years. Culinary delights en route include tarte aux pralines, a savoury-stuffed brioche, apricot tarte Tatin and, of course, the traditional French baguette.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Si King
Presenter Dave Myers
Director Francois Gandolfi
Executive Producer Gill Tierney
Series Producer Oliver Clark