Les damnes

Series 2 - Episode 1 Les damnes



No time for weedy recaps as the French bad-cop show blasts back for a second series. Eddie Caplan’s tear-up-the-rules team are taken to task for their misdeeds – by officers who seem to be even worse. And a sweaty, Heat-style gunfight in soulless suburbia introduces us to Braquo’s new gangsters. There’s a higher body count than we’re used to, and one stunningly surreal touch to tell gambler Walter’s story enlivens the colour palette. Otherwise it’s grey, compellingly gritty business as usual, with another corking coup de grâce.


Caplan, Morlighem, Delgado and Vachewski struggle to adjust to their new stations in life. However, trouble brews when four men kill 12 people during a large-scale gold robbery. The team discovers the criminals are mercenaries recently returned from Africa, and out to take revenge on those who betrayed them. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade.