Steps: On the Road Again

Steps: On the Road Again

Series 1 - Episode 1



Nobody was prepared for the psychodrama that was 2011’s Steps Reunion. It turned out that when the group split in 2001, it wasn’t just because Britain was losing interest in their bargain-bin pop slop: Sky Living’s footage of their tear-soaked rapprochement revealed deep, festering wounds. Sex, money, egos, the fact that at least three of them don’t really do anything: the bones of contention were many.

Now they’re gamely pretending not to hate each other’s guts as they embark on a comeback tour, with cameras in pursuit. Should be fun.


Charting the progress of pop quintet Steps as they prepare for their comeback tour. Cameras follow their hectic daily schedules of vocal sessions and costume fittings, and provide an insight into the group's domestic lives to show the trials and tribulations of hitting the road together for the first time in 11 years.
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