Scott & Bailey

Series 2 - Episode 8



Rachel Bailey has been bad, very bad. She’s throwing up in the police station toilets after yet another night painting the bars of Manchester various shades of vermilion. To her shame and to the outrage of her forbearing colleague/best friend Janet Scott, Rachel can remember nothing of the evening. But she has a nasty
cut on her head. What could possibly have happened?

Rachel’s lost night on the tiles very quickly comes back to haunt her when DCI Julie Dodson (the always splendid Pippa Haywood) visits Manchester’s Major Incident Team and has a chat with boss Gill about a nasty assault in a car park. And then all hell breaks loose, both for Rachel (Suranne Jones) and Janet (Lesley Sharp).

It’s the final episode in the series – hurry back, Scott
& Bailey! – so there are shocks and bluster. Though the series still manages to do what it does best – mine the little things, the pernickety details, for drama.


Rachel discovers Nick has been brutally assaulted - and she is top of the list of suspects. But even worse, she has no recollection of the previous night after a drunken hen party, and struggles to convince herself she did not do it. Janet thinks she has made her peace with Andy, until he gives her some misinformation that results in Gill missing an appointment with the coroner - so the DCI, tired of their games, announces one of them will have to go. A man's accidental death turns into a murder investigation when his daughters reveal their mother often talked of killing him. Crime drama, starring Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones.

Cast & Crew

DC Janet Scott Lesley Sharp
DC Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones
DCI Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore
Margaret Selwyn Val Tagger
Catherine Selwyn Sandra Huggett
Joanne Selwyn Kathryn Hunt
DCI Julie Dodson Pippa Haywood
DC Kevin Lumb Ben Batt
DC Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
DS Andy Roper Nicholas Gleaves
DC Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown
DC Ian Mitchell David Prosho
DS Miller Will Thorp
Alison Bailey Sally Lindsay
Dominic Bailey Liam Boyle
PC Sean McCartney Sean Maguire
Adrian Scott Tony Pitts
Director Morag Fullarton
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Sally Wainwright
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