Happy Families

Series 2 - Episode 6 Happy Families



A schoolgirl is found dead after a disco, and Cornish copper Charles Wycliffe applies himself to the task of discovering whether she was murdered or committed suicide. Jack Shepherd and Helen Masters star.

Cast & Crew

DS Charles Wycliffe Jack Shepherd
DI Doug Kersey Jimmy Yuill
DI Lucy Lane Helen Masters
Franks Tim Wylton
DS Andy Dixon Aaron Harris
DC Potter Adam Barker
DCC Stevens Michael Attwell
Helen Wycliffe Lynn Farleigh
David Wycliffe Greg Chisholm
Ruth Wycliffe Charlie Hayes
Mick Brandon Dominic Guard
Alan Whear Albie Woodington
Joe Penrose David Schofield
Sheena Penrose Jon Stafford
Liz Penrose Lesley Clare O'Neill
Cathy Carole Gill
Beth Zoe Hemborough
Danny Whear Mark Aldridge
Insp. Phillips Martyn Whitby
Mrs Brandon Jo Smit
John Flemming Barrie Houghton
Beth's mother Beryl Cornish
Director Steve Goldie
Producer Geraint Morris
Writer Sian Orrells
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