Storyville: The Real Great Escape

Storyville: The Real Great Escape



We all remember Richard Attenborough’s Big X, Steve McQueen on his motorbike and poor old Gordon Jackson getting tricked by a German official. But here’s a chance to learn the actual story of the famous Second World War PoW breakout.

Lindy Wilson is the niece of squadron leader Roger Bushell, a London barrister and pilot shot down and captured early in the war. Wilson recounts how Bushell’s plan resulted in 76 Allied men escaping from Stalag Luft III and a terrible reckoning.


Director Lindy Wilson explores the life of her uncle Roger Bushell, an RAF squadron leader during the Second World War, who served as the basis for Richard Attenborough's character in the 1963 film The Great Escape. Despite being threatened with execution by the Gestapo after escaping from two other German prison camps, he agreed to organise a plot that saw 76 Allied soldiers break out of Stalag Luft III in March 1944 - but which led to Adolf Hitler personally ordering brutal retribution.

Cast & Crew

Director Lindy Wilson
Series Editor Nick Fraser