Guns and Roses

Series 2 - Episode 20 Guns and Roses



Don investigates the death of a former girlfriend, an ATF agent involved in an elaborate bank robbery. However, as inquiries proceed, he begins to question the impact his career has had on his personal life - and faces some tough choices. Drama, starring Rob Morrow.

Cast & Crew

Don Eppes Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes Judd Hirsch
Megan Reeves Diane Farr
Dr Larry Fleinhardt Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair Alimi Ballard
Amita Ramanujan Navi Rawat
Robin Brooks Michelle Nolden
Richard Davis Matthew John Armstrong
Agent Rho Eric Steinberg
Agent Annie Wilson Lesley Fera
Eric Turner Markus Flanagan
Roy Mitchell Joshua Leonard
Nikki Davis Sandra Lindquist
Director Stephen Gyllenhaal
Director Robert Port
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Alex Gansa
Executive Producer Barry Schindel
Executive Producer Brooke Kennedy
Writer Mark Llewellyn
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