Waste Not

Series 3 - Episode 9 Waste Not



A sinkhole appears in the playground of a local school, killing one person and injuring others, and the ensuing investigation reveals the cause may have been toxic waste. Charlie tries to help with the case, but soon encounters opposition from his new boss. Starring David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow.

Cast & Crew

Don Eppes Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes Judd Hirsch
Dr Larry Fleinhardt Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair Alimi Ballard
Amita Ramanujan Navi Rawat
Megan Reeves Diane Farr
Howard Meeks Joshua Malina
Reed Parkman Gabriel Olds
Daria Samson Deirdre Lovejoy
Amos Shabaz Larry Gilliard Jr
Principal Riva Bell Erica Gimpel
Boyd Resnick Bob Gunton
Dr Mildred Finch Kathy Najimy
Director J Miller Tobin
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Alex Gansa
Executive Producer Barry Schindel
Executive Producer Brooke Kennedy
Writer Julie Hebert
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