Series 2 - Episode 21 Rampage



Charlie is left badly shaken by a shooting incident in the FBI offices and begins to experience difficulty concentrating - severely impairing his ability to focus on solving the case. American drama, starring David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow.

Cast & Crew

Don Eppes Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes Judd Hirsch
Megan Reeves Diane Farr
Dr Larry Fleinhardt Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair Alimi Ballard
Amita Ramanujan Navi Rawat
Colby Granger Dylan Bruno
Dave Taggart Craig Zimmerman
Sensei Kevin Carroll
Trish Schane Veanne Cox
Alec Schane Al Espinosa
Ryan McCall William Charlton
Director J Miller Tobin
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Barry Schindel
Executive Producer Nicolas Falacci
Executive Producer Cheryl Heuton
Executive Producer David W Zucker
Producer Michael Attanasio
Producer John Behring
Producer Christine Larson-Nitzsche
Writer Ken Sanzel
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