The Devil You Know

Series 3 - Episode 4 The Devil You Know



The devil gets to play with poor Devil this week. Boyd’s volatile, tattooed cohort may be narked with his boss, but is throwing his hat in with the scary Quarles really a wise idea? Neal McDonough invests his Detroit gangster with the charm of a snake-oil salesman and the bite of a hooded cobra. And it’s always unwise to underestimate Boyd Crowder. Dickie and Dewey’s prison breakout isn’t exactly plain sailing, either: can Dickie really get his hands on his mum’s money?


Dickie Bennett breaks out of jail with the help of Lance, the prison medic, and goes looking for his late mother's money. Raylan asks Loretta McCready for advice in his own hunt for the $3million and she suggests he should pay Limehouse a visit. Meanwhile, new kingpin Quarles makes a bid to overthrow Boyd by bribing his lieutenants to switch allegiances. Crime drama, starring Timothy Olyphant.

Cast & Crew

Raylan Givens Timothy Olyphant
Art Mullen Nick Searcy
Ava Crowder Joelle Carter
Boyd Crowder Walton Goggins
Dickie Bennett Jeremy Davies
Winona Hawkins Natalie Zea
Ellstin Limehouse Mykelti Williamson
Wade Messer James LeGros
Robert Quarles Neal McDonough
Lance Clayne Crawford
Devil Kevin Rankin
Johnny Crowder David Meunier
Loretta McCready Kaitlyn Dever
Director Dean Parisot
Executive Producer Elmore Leonard
Executive Producer Sarah Timberman
Executive Producer Carl Beverly
Executive Producer Graham Yost
Executive Producer Michael Dinner
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