Old Crimes, New Times

Series 4 - Episode 8 Old Crimes, New Times



The collapse of a seemingly airtight prosecution case reflects badly on the detective, and it is not long before the media are baying for his blood. To make matters worse, a previous investigation comes back to haunt him, and Lane gets caught in the crossfire. Drama, starring Jack Shepherd, Jimmy Yuill and Helen Masters.

Cast & Crew

DS Charles Wycliffe Jack Shepherd
DI Doug Kersey Jimmy Yuill
DI Lucy Lane Helen Masters
Franks Tim Wylton
DCC Stevens Michael Attwell
Helen Wycliffe Lynn Farleigh
David Wycliffe Greg Chisholm
Ruth Wycliffe Charlie Hayes
Owens Jim Norton
Noble Alan Perrin
Tully Neil Maskell
Crimmens Geoffrey Drew
Armstrong John D Collins
Mrs Patterson Frankie Cosgrave
Lindsay Collins Jackie Kabler
Crow Martin Sadler
Trudie Sarah Huntley
Judge Geoffrey Bayldon
Andy Graham Bryan
Ivy Tinnion Josie Kidd
Lab technician Simon Markey
Minister Alan Rowe
Director Graeme Harper
Producer Michael Bartley
Writer Arthur McKenzie
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