Lone Voyager

Series 4 - Episode 4 Lone Voyager



The Cornish copper looks into a lone yachtswoman's mysterious disappearance. He learns she had been receiving threats from the owners of a local china clay works - where he later makes a grisly discovery. Jack Shepherd stars, with Con O'Neill and Michael Attwell.

Cast & Crew

DS Charles Wycliffe Jack Shepherd
DI Doug Kersey Jimmy Yuill
DI Lucy Lane Helen Masters
Franks Tim Wylton
DCC Stevens Michael Attwell
Helen Wycliffe Lynn Farleigh
David Wycliffe Greg Chisholm
Ruth Wycliffe Charlie Hayes
Ben Walker Con O'Neill
Ted Fisher Alan Cody
Sgt Cannon Edward Clayton
DC Fincham Nicholas Lopez
PC Sally Miller Nicola Jeffries
Vanessa Linda Slade
Alvin Jason Salkey
Ken Davis Vincent Brimble
Pete Davis Ian Brimble
Rick Brown Richard Willis
Mrs Goodwin Miranda Bell
Paula Tresize Emily Richard
Director Michael Brayshaw
Writer Phil O'Shea
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