Andy Bates Street Feasts


Series 1 - Episode 3 Leeds



As a contrast to Reza’s Indian food series that shows just before this, Channel 5 is also screening another Food Network show whose heart is a bit closer to home. Andy “Pie Man” Bates is renowned for the hearty British grub he sells on his London market stall, and his relaxed manner coupled with straightforward, clear instructions make this an easy watch.

Today he’s in Yorkshire, where he makes toad-in-the-hole to eat on the go, egg and chorizo pie and an authentic Caribbean jerk chicken dish that gets a big “Mmmmm” and an appreciative nod of the head from all the passers-by who taste it.


Andy Bates explores the culinary delights of Kirkgate Market in Leeds, meeting a South African sausage expert who recommends the best produce for toad in the hole. He also creates an egg and Yorkshire chorizo pie with meat provided by a local butcher.