Bloody Tales of the Tower


Series 1 - Episode 1 Traitors



Historian Suzannah Lipscomb and The One Show roving reporter Joe Crowley are a comely duo to front this often grisly exposé of torture and execution at the Tower of London.

They start in 1597 with John Gerard, a Catholic priest who made a daring escape from the Tower like some godly 007. Less lucky, in 1604, was Guy Fawkes. Lipscomb quizzes a pathologist on the niceties of being hanged, drawn (disembowelled) and quartered.

Last is the sad tale of Josef Jakobs, a German parachuted into the UK to spy on our weather, who faced a firing squad at the Tower in 1941.


Joe Crowley and historian Suzannah Lipscomb delve into the Tower of London's past, starting with a look at the grisly fate that awaited those accused of treason.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Joe Crowley
Contributor Suzannah Lipscomb