Witness to Auschwitz

Witness to Auschwitz


This brief, fascinating programme explores a story that some think is simply too audacious to be true; the tale of Denis Avey, a prisoner of war who swapped places with an Auschwitz inmate and thus saved his life.

After Avey’s account was published in 2001, the sceptics were vocal, and pounced on what they claimed were inconsistencies in his story. Witness to Auschwitz asks why, when it comes to Holocaust memories, there can never, ever be room for doubt.


An examination of the controversy surrounding the story of 93-year-old Denis Avey, who wrote a book documenting how he saved the life of an Auschwitz prisoner, which was verified by the inmate himself. The best-selling publication has generated debate, challenging the claim that the British soldier broke into the concentration camp, a feat deemed by some to be unlikely, if not impossible.