The Secret History of Our Streets

Reverdy Road

Series 1 - Episode 5 Reverdy Road



We’re told Reverdy Road, a pretty terraced street in Bermondsey, south London, has “largely resisted the middle class invasion”, as if bourgeois pestilence is about to lay waste to the population. A gentleman who’s lived in the street since 1962 insists he is working-class, even though he collects fine wines.

It’s another charming episode of a fascinating series that’s struck a chord with viewers who love its mix of social history and friendliness. Local residents talk with great love about the street, while archive brings the past to life. But Reverdy Road is changing, its lovely houses gutted and sold for huge sums. Gentrification has arrived.


Reverdy Road in Bermondsey, south London, which has maintained its status of working-class respectability ever since philanthropist Charles Booth visited in 1900 and was impressed by its broad, clean streets. Built in the 1860s, it housed railwaymen, engine drivers, policemen and the like, except for one house on the corner, which has been occupied by a succession of doctors since 1880. The documentary tells the story of the most famous one of all, Dr Alfred Salter MP - a pioneer in public health - and hears from older residents about their lives during wartime, as well as how and why Reverdy has resisted change.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Steven Mackintosh
Director Brian Hill
Producer Brian Hill
Series Producer Katie Bailiff