Six Million Dollar Conman

Six Million Dollar Conman



Channel 4 is so adept at compiling these exhaustive, riveting true-crime documentaries, and director Louise Osmond has done a particularly good job with the story of Clark Rockefeller. Except that’s not his name. He’s nothing to do with the colossally rich American family; he’s an astonishingly adept German conman, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, currently awaiting trial for murder. Gerhartsreiter spent years passing himself off in the US as something he wasn’t to some very rich and influential people.


The life of fraudster Christian Gerhartsreiter, who was ordered to stand trial for murder in January 2012 after spending more than 30 years travelling across America carrying out crimes under a range of assumed identities. As his cons grew increasingly complex, he posed as a film producer and member of the Mountbatten and Rockefeller dynasties, managed to fool leading financial firms into hiring him, and married a highly successful businesswoman - before his web of deceit unravelled dramatically in 2008 after he tried to kidnap his seven-year-old daughter.