The Limey

Series 4 - Episode 20 The Limey



A British model is killed, prompting an inspector to travel from London to New York to work with Castle and Beckett on the case. American crime drama, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

Cast & Crew

Richard Castle Nathan Fillion
Det Kate Beckett Stana Katic
Lanie Parish Tamala Jones
Javier Esposito Jon Huertas
Kevin Ryan Seamus Dever
Capt Victoria Gates Penny Johnson Jerald
Colin Hunt Brett Tucker
Nigel Wyndham Charles Shaughnessy
Biggie Slim Omar J Dorsey
Claire Panchard Danielle Bisutti
Nicky Jay Chrystee Pharris
Bryson Matthew Brenher
Morgan Joe Coots
Director Bill Roe
Writer Elizabeth Davis
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