Worlds Apart

Series 2 - Episode 1 Worlds Apart



The gung-ho alien invasion drama returns, with Tom (Noah Wyle) having entered the mothership at the season one cliffhanger. There’s a darker, sleeker feel as Tom is tortured and, in a scene where Wyle does fine work delivering claggy lines to an imaginary 16-foot space queen, forced to debate whether the aliens are really worse than Western imperialists. (They want to kill all of humanity. Tom strongly argues that they are worse.) Flashforwards mean we know Tom escapes, but will then fight for his life.


The sci-fi drama returns, picking up three months after reluctant 2nd Massachusetts leader Tom Mason voluntarily boarded the alien ship, hoping to negotiate peace with the invaders. Weaver struggles to maintain control of the resistance fighters as Pope and his band of Berserkers threaten to derail the chain of command. However, things begin to change when Tom suddenly reappears, and the other humans begin to wonder where his loyalties now lie. Starring Noah Wyle.

Cast & Crew

Tom Mason Noah Wyle
Dr Anne Glass Moon Bloodgood
Hal Mason Drew Roy
Weaver Will Patton
John Pope Collin Cunningham