Series 1 - Episode 14 Bully



Jess tries to stop one of her pupils picking on a classmate - only to become the new target of the bully's wrath. Schmidt is desperate to brag about his Valentine's Day exploits, but finds his partner is far less keen, while Nick is plunged into despair by a gift from Julia.

Cast & Crew

Jess Day Zooey Deschanel
Nick Miller Jake Johnson
Schmidt Max Greenfield
Winston Lamorne Morris
Cece Hannah Simone
Julia Lizzy Caplan
Tanya Rachael Harris
Brianna Joey King
Greta Roxana Ortega
Karen Tressa DiFiglia
Young Jess Lauren Dair Owens
Young Winston Delton Woods
Nathaniel Daniel Jenks
Director Dan Attias
Writer David Alpert
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