Alan Partridge on Open Books with Martin Bryce

Alan Partridge on Open Books with Martin Bryce


Last week's guide to Norfolk pressed the pedal marked PARTRIDGE to the floor and drove a comedy Range Rover Sport V8 directly into our faces from the get-go; this is more of a slow-burning curio.

Alan appears on a watery discussion show presented by Chris Beale (Robert Popper). Alan arrives, sporting the swept side parting, v-neck and neckerchief that unmistakably denote a writer, to chat about his autobiography and read extracts from it in the leather armchair provided.

Chris Beale is diffident, the programme's editing is uncertain and the studio audience are catatonically uninterested. At first it's gentle anarchy, especially if you know the book, but Alan's interplay with Chris and the audience builds beautifully. The catalyst is his revelation that he snacks on boiled eggs while writing.


The broadcaster talks to host Chris Beale about his autobiography I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan, and takes questions from the studio audience. In addition to reading extracts from the book, he discusses his upbringing and his career in TV and radio, as well as revealing his recipe for becoming a successful chat show host. Spoof talk show, starring Steve Coogan and Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper.

Cast & Crew

Alan Partridge Steve Coogan
Chris Beale Robert Popper