Country House Rescue

Country House Rescue

Series 4 - Episode 4



Francis and Kishanda Fulford, the spectacularly charmless owners of the Grade I-listed Great Fulford Manor in Devon, will be burned on the brains of anyone who remembers that 2005 Cutting Edge documentary, The F****** Fulfords.

Seven years later nothing seems to have changed — they are as tetchy, quarrelsome and unpleasant as we remember when nice Simon Davis arrives to help them rescue their tatty country pile.

There are problems from the start. Kishanda refuses to engage with any of Davis’s suggestions, absenting herself from discussions and even stalking off at one point. Meanwhile, Francis is so boorish and pompous you’ll be begging Davis to get in his car and just leave them to it.


Simon Davis heads to Great Fulford, a Grade I-listed manor house near Exeter in Devon, to meet its owners Francis and Kishanda Fulford. The eccentric couple's struggle to maintain their 800-year-old estate has been aired in a several TV documentaries, but Simon believes recent renovations provide enormous business potential for the family.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Simon Davis
Executive Producer Neil Smith
Series Director James Harrison
Series Producer Philip Smith