Storyville: Hitler, Stalin and Mr Jones

Storyville: Hitler, Stalin and Mr Jones



A typically forbidding Storyville tackles a typically tough story. The director is George Carey, a giant of factual TV (he helped create Newsnight and Question Time) who is fascinated by his subject here, a Welsh journalist called Gareth Jones.

In the 1930s Jones exposed how Stalin’s Five Year Plans caused millions of deaths in the Ukraine and was murdered by Chinese bandits in 1935. “He trespassed into
a snakepit of intrigue,” observes one contributor, a snakepit the film tries to unravel.


Documentary exploring the death of Welsh investigative journalist Gareth Jones, who revealed how Stalin's polices in the 1930s caused millions of deaths in Ukraine, and had the audacity to hitch a lift in Hitler's private jet. The film explores whether taking on the Soviet dictator and possibly breaching the fine line between journalism and spying led to the reporter's premature demise.