The Hotel Inspector

The Clover

Series 9 - Episode 1 The Clover



In the first of a new series, chipper hotelier Alex Polizzi packs her stylish portmanteau and heads to a Birmingham suburb for a night in a nudist hotel.

The Clover Spa is run by former farmer Tim Higgs, of whom we get to see an awful lot. Tim, a gentle soul and a naturist for 40 years, is a hapless bystander, watching his life savings disappear as the business haemorrhages money. But he doesn’t deserve the groaning barrage of weak nudge-and-wink puns on the soundtrack: “bottom line”, “cracks are beginning to show”, even “well-clipped bush” (about the garden, ho ho). Luckily they are delivered by the best voiceover artist in the business, Mark (The Apprentice) Halliley, who stops the decorum level from vanishing completely.

Much is made of whether the usually imperturbable Polizzi, who giggles a lot, will decide to go naked. But she manages to cover her embarrassment to deliver some sound business advice. Tim, however, isn’t listening.


Alex Polizzi comes to the rescue of more struggling hotels, beginning with Birmingham naturist retreat the Clover, whose owner Tim Higgs insists Alex has to strip off before she can start work. She soon discovers this strict no-clothes rule, while not surprising for a naturist hotel, applies at all times throughout the entire establishment - even in the lounge and restaurant - a policy she believes will put off more customers than it attracts. But despite rising debts, Tim refuses to budge on his naturist principles. Can Alex lay bare the simple facts and convince him to make some changes before he loses his shirt?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alex Polizzi
Director Matthew Skilton
Executive Producer Neil Edwards
Producer Matthew Skilton
Series Producer Kent Upshon
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