Brian Blessed

Series 4 - Episode 1 Brian Blessed



We’re used to seeing actor Brian Blessed throw himself unreservedly into every job he takes on (and we only have to wait 12 minutes before he gives us a blast of Prince “Gordon’s alive!” Vultan from Flash Gordon). But here we also witness his calm, contemplative side – after all, this is a man who, it is revealed, taught meditation to Keanu Reeves and who says that his biggest love in life is silence.

Still, the most memorable moments of this interview with Laurie Taylor come when Blessed is in full voice: his breathless anecdote about a childhood encounter with Pablo Picasso being particularly captivating.


Laurie Taylor interviews actor and mountaineer Brian Blessed, who reveals an introspective side to his personality when he discusses meditation and his love of silence. The larger-than-life figure also offers glimpses into his early life, telling how he took on boxer Bruce Woodcock at the age of seven and, five years later, insulted the artist Picasso.

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Presenter Laurie Taylor
Guest Brian Blessed
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