The Hot Potato Job

Series 4 - Episode 5 The Hot Potato Job



After the last sweet flight of fancy it’s back to business as usual. Mitch Pileggi (Skinner in The X Files) pops up to lend heft to an otherwise flaky tale of corporate agriculture.

As ever, the takedown of the greedy Goliath is satisfying, but all the best bits are character-related: Nate and Sophie are struggling to keep their fling a secret from the others, and Hardison’s disguise as a farmer is rumbled amusingly quickly.


The team infiltrates the corrupt world of corporate agriculture to recover an unlikely treasure - a one-of-a-kind stolen potato worth millions to the industry. Crime drama, starring Timothy Hutton.

Cast & Crew

Nathan Ford Timothy Hutton
Eliot Spencer Christian Kane
Sophie Devereaux Gina Bellman
Alec Hardison Aldis Hodge
Parker Beth Riesgraf