Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Series 1 - Episode 1 Whom the Gods Would Destroy



“Greek gods! German philosophers! What is going on?” barks an exasperated DI Lewis. This 2007 episode was the first after the pilot and our hero didn’t have an easy time of it, never having inherited Morse’s taste for arcane puzzles. That’s more the territory of his companion DS Hathaway, who can look gormless but here shows arcane knowledge about everything from psychoactive substances to phone sex.

Their problem is a murder involving a group called The Sons of the Twice Born, whose activities are shrouded in Greek codes, quotes from Nietzsche and a fondness for drugs. Richard Dillane chews the scenery as a wheelchair-bound millionaire and a journalist calling herself Fury has something to do with it – but what?


A middle-aged Oxford graduate is found murdered, setting in motion an investigation that leads Lewis and Hathaway to one of the university's most senior dons, whose respectable exterior conceals a strange past. Before long a second death occurs, and it becomes apparent that both victims shared a secret - and that someone is out for revenge. Starring Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Anna Massey, Clare Holman and Sian Thomas.

Cast & Crew

DI Robert Lewis Kevin Whately
Professor Gold Anna Massey
Ingrid Nielson Sian Thomas
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Innocent Rebecca Front
Catherine Linn Sasha Behar
Sefton Linn Richard Lintern
Dean Greely Crispin Redman
Harry Bundrick Adrian Rawlins
Theodore Platt Richard Dillane
DS Hathaway Laurence Fox
Petra Bundrick Diana Payan
Anne Sadikov Anna Madeley
Megan Linn Ellie Kendrick
Tina Daniels Nicola Redmond
Staunton Martyn Whitby
Love Lines supervisor Mark Spalding
Director Marc Jobst
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Ted Childs
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Daniel Boyle
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