Pilot episode of the comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women, including Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Beatrix Potter, Judy Garland, Frida Kahlo and Eva Braun. The cast includes Katy Brand, Samantha Spiro, Catherine Tate, Andy Nyman, Sharon Horgan, Sheila Reid and Selina Griffiths.

Cast & Crew

Therapist Rebecca Front
Joan of Arc/George Eliot Katy Brand
Mary Whitehouse/Judy Garland Samantha Spiro
Eva Braun/Edith Piaf Catherine Tate
Sarah Andy Nyman
Jane Austen/Frida Kahlo Sharon Horgan
Mother Teresa Sheila Reid
Beatrix Potter Selina Griffiths
Director Jeremy Dyson
Producer Pippa Brown
Writer Morwenna Banks
Writer Simon Carlyle
Writer Jeremy Dyson
Writer George Jeffries
Writer Laurence Rickard
Writer Bert Tyler-Moore
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