Cherry Healey: How to Get a Life

Single v Settled

Series 1 - Episode 1 Single v Settled



BBC3’s intrepid investigator is back (having taken time out as a new mum) to probe more of the thorny issues that perplex young people today. This episode: is it better to be single or settled?

Her case studies include a hostel manager who smugly records his conquests on a world map, and a couple who don’t believe in monogamy. On the flip side are the 22-year-old desperate to find Miss Right and a young mother who swaps lives with her single twin sister for a day. It’s not exactly cutting-edge journalism but, like a good gossip, still eye-opening — especially when Healey braves a burlesque club.


The broadcaster re-engages with modern life following a year spent looking after her daughter, but wonders if she has been left behind. She begins by exploring contemporary relationships, meeting identical twins, one of whom is married and the other single, teenagers who have threesomes and a man who is desperate to meet `the one'.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Cherry Healey
Executive Producer Steph Weatherill
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Series Producer Page Shepherd
Documentary Education