The Secret Life of Beaches

Series 7 - Episode 6 The Secret Life of Beaches



Zoologist Andy Torbet is meeting Sean Twiss, who studies seal psychology, at a Highlands beach that is also a firing range. Miles away at St Andrews, a palaeontologist is holding up a cardboard cut-out of a giant water scorpion. Coast has come to be a ragbag of wet’n’wild facts and dramatic aerial shots: not unwelcome, but not entirely cohesive, either.

This episode is about British beaches, and while Andy observes the Scottish grey seals that don’t mind RAF bombers but are afraid of people, Nick Crane visits the shingle spit of eerie Dungeness, with its community of blood-sucking leeches and brutal- looking nuclear power plant. Why would anyone want to live there?


Exploring the stories and histories of Britain's beaches. Nicholas Crane searches for leeches in the pebble-pools of Dungeness in Kent, and learns how the area was formed. Hermione Cockburn takes to the air to view sand art in Jersey, Andy Torbet visits one of the nation's most dangerous beaches, Tessa Dunlop inspects a steelworks built on the shore of Port Talbot, Neath, and in Aberlady Bay, East Lothian, Nick Hewitt unearths submarines that played a pivotal role in sinking the Tirpitz, one of Hitler's largest battleships.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nicholas Crane
Presenter Hermione Cockburn
Presenter Tessa Dunlop
Presenter Andy Torbet
Executive Producer William Lyons
Series Editor Steve Evanson
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