The Life We Chose

Series 2 - Episode 15 The Life We Chose



An undercover officer is killed during an operation to arrest a drug dealer, and Danny becomes obsessed with catching the person responsible. However, as his fixation with getting justice for his dead friend grows, Linda and the children worry about the effect the case is having on him. Meanwhile, Nicky and Henry prepare for a talent show.

Cast & Crew

Danny Reagan Donnie Wahlberg
Erin Reagan Boyle Bridget Moynahan
Jamie Reagan Will Estes
Henry Reagan Len Cariou
Frank Reagan Tom Selleck
Jackie Curatola Jennifer Esposito
Linda Reagan Amy Carlson
Nicky Reagan-Boyle Sami Gayle
Anthony Renzulli Nicholas Turturro
Garrett Moore Gregory Jbara
Sgt Gormley Robert Clohessy
Phantom Babs Olusanmokun
Mrs Fernandez Priscilla Lopez
Roland Gates Albert Jones
Ray Bell John Jelks
Nelson Ortiz Don Wallace
Juan Cruz Yancey Arias
Jack Reagan Tony Terraciano
Sean Reagan Andrew Terraciano
Melissa Baker Abigail Hawk
Director Felix Enriquez Alcala
Writer Thomas Kelly
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