CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Series 12 - Episode 3 Bittersweet



When partially decomposed body parts set in blocks of concrete are discovered on a dump, Sara realises that the MO matches that of an old case in which five teenage girls were kidnapped, raped and chopped up by a manipulative, sadistic woman and her husband. The man’s still in prison but the woman, Gina, has just been released.

It’s become a personal vendetta for Sara, who loudly announces to Gina’s neighbours what the woman did. “I was just taking her temperature,” explains Sara. “Yeah — rectally!” replies DB (Ted Danson) sarcastically.


Nick discovers pieces of a decomposing body in an art exhibit made up of discarded concrete blocks and his colleagues launch an investigation. The case reminds Sara of one involving a married couple who abused and killed girls before disposing of their corpses in similar fashion - and discovers one of them has recently been released on parole. Meanwhile, Greg and Morgan look into the death of a former model who appears to have drowned in a vat of chocolate. Guest starring Chelsea Hobbs (Make It or Break It) and Stacy Haiduk (Prison Break).

Cast & Crew

DB Russell Ted Danson
Catherine Willows Marg Helgenberger
Nick Stokes George Eads
Sara Sidle Jorja Fox
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
Capt Jim Brass Paul Guilfoyle
Morgan Brody Elisabeth Harnois
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
David Hodges Wallace Langham
David Phillips David Berman
Colleen Hughes Chelsea Hobbs
Gina Sinclair Stacy Haiduk
Ryan Thomas Michael Grant Terry
Callie Caitlin Custer
Director Frank Waldeck
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
Writer Melissa R Byer
Writer Treena Hancock
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