China: Triumph and Turmoil

China: Triumph and Turmoil

Series 1 - Episode 3



Professor Niall Ferguson asks difficult questions in the closing part of his examination of modern-day China. The country’s industrial revolution continues apace and Ferguson wonders whether it will succeed or fail – and which would be worse for the West.

He visits the thriving copper mines of Zambia, where Chinese companies are engaging in the kind of overseas expansion that looks, he says, uncomfortably familiar to Brits. Except there’s no time for pink gins on the verandah. Chinese firms expect everyone to work Chinese hours for Chinese pay. As they employ more people worldwide, the UK workforce should keep this in mind.


Niall Ferguson examines the impact of China's growth on the rest of the world, and how criticism of the country's politics could jeopardise future investment in the UK. He also investigates how fragile economies around the world are increasingly dependent on Chinese money to bail them out, and whether a transition of global power from west to east could be accomplished peacefully. Last in the series.