Midsomer Murders

Murder of Innocence

Series 15 - Episode 2 Murder of Innocence



A man gets off a bus in Binwell and there’s a hostile welcoming committee awaiting him on the green. It turns out that he’s a wrong’un who served a prison sentence after being convicted for killing a young villager.

In typical Midsomer fashion, the ex-con’s arrival is the catalyst for a killing spree. It appears that anyone connected with the original prosecution, including Detective Sergeant Ben Jones (Jason Hughes) is in the firing line.

DCI Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), meanwhile, tries to resist his wife’s siren call to attend her boot-camp exercise class. No, he’d much rather listen to Dire Straits in his slippers.


A barrister is killed with a lethal dose of morphine and suspicion falls on ex-convict Grady Felton, who has recently returned to the village where he committed murder years earlier. However, he has a strong alibi and Barnaby thinks he must be working with an accomplice - until Grady himself is targeted in an arson attack. Detective drama, guest starring Sharon Duce, with Neil Dudgeon and Jason Hughes.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon
DS Ben Jones Jason Hughes
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman
Kate Wilding Tamzin Malleson
Will Gideon Sam Callis
Deirdre Denning Lisa Dillon
Mandy Gideon Sharon Duce
Susie Bellingham Georgia Mackenzie
Gareth Dunbar Jamie Michie
Ted Denning Ian Redford
Grady Felton Jack Pierce
Kyle Gideon Rupert Hill
Fred Burns Dylan Brown
Prosecuting counsel Julie Teal
Defence counsel Kate Bowes
Police instructor Amanda Wright
Giles Harrison Christopher Mellows
PC Mark Armstrong
Young Daniel Joe Scatley
Young Deirdre Katie Buchholz
Young Grady Matthew Hopkinson
Director Renny Rye
Producer Jo Wright
Writer Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
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