The Sheriffs Are Coming

The Sheriffs Are Coming

Series 1 - Episode 1



What do you do if you’ve won a sexual harassment case against your boss but never received the money you were awarded? Or bought a car that was a disaster from day one but couldn’t get the dealers to fix it or give you your money back?

These are the types of cases that High Court enforcement officers, also known as sheriffs, take on. And in this series the cameras follow them as they strive to retrieve cash for members of the public who are owed money — even though their visits can sometimes get so heated the police have to be called.


The officers help a 26-year-old woman whose former boss failed to hand over her sexual harassment payment. Plus, they track down a construction company manager who owes an employee £8,000, and the car dealers who refused to give a refund.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Emma Barker
Series Producer Julian Dismore