The Shelf Life

Series 1 - Episode 10 The Shelf Life



Harvey and Mike are asked to fire Stan Jacobson, the vice president of Dreibach Accounting, for lying about his credentials. He claims he is being railroaded because of information he has about illegal activity at the company, and his employers knew about his falsified CV for years. The lawyers must decide whether to investigate what is happening behind the scenes at Dreibach or persuade Jacobson to give up on his career.

Cast & Crew

Harvey Specter Gabriel Macht
Mike Ross Patrick J Adams
Louis Litt Rick Hoffman
Rachel Zane Meghan Markle
Jessica Pearson Gina Torres
Tory Andrea Parker
Stan Jacobson John Billingsley
Jenny Griffith Vanessa Ray
Joe Spina Patrick Gallagher
Seth Keller Ben Lewis
Judge Anthony Morrison Xuan Fraser
Charisse Chantal Quesnelle
Ben Matt MacDonald
Rudy Jamie Spilchuk
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