Horizon: The Truth About Fat

Series 48 - Episode 11 Horizon: The Truth About Fat



Anyone with any kind of weight problem will tuck into this programme like a big, velvety gâteau. On the other hand, anyone inclined to feel a sense of moral superiority for being thin (such as svelte presenter Gabriel Weston) gets a helping of humble pie. Because what Weston discovers is that when a fat person moans, “It’s my hormones”, they’re probably not wrong.

Genes and hormones play a crucial role in obesity: it’s not just a question of willpower or weakness. The science is fascinating and rather reassuring, but don’t watch if you’re at all hungry. There are many shots of cake, succulent meat and chips.


Surgeon Gabriel Weston explores why so many people are piling on the pounds - and learns about new ways to fight the flab. She discovers the hidden hormones that control appetite and sees the latest surgery that fundamentally changes what a patient wants to eat - by altering how their brains work.
Documentary Science